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Male strippers in Ireland – a ladies pleasure

Most people would think that men are the ones who prefer a strip tease ‘session’ but ladies are not too far from that desire either. It’s an exciting thought, but a wish hard to express due to the fact that you might find yourself stranded by the idea of booking a male stripper in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland for fear that your group of friends might be embarrassed or offended. If you are planning on organising your friend’s party, where your wish is for that moment of top-notch surprise entertainment to be a strippers performance, then the whole idea is to find your friends awe-struck by a good looking hunk taking his clothes off for your guest of honour’s embarrassment and delight, while all in attendance will no doubt be clapping hands and singing along. After attending one of these events your friends idea of male strippers will gain new dimensions and it will be the most discussed topic for the next coming weeks…

The industry of male strippers in Ireland is in much higher demand than female strippers. Rock hard muscles and a character to match, with sexy dance routines all orientated towards female fantasy, a male stripper will catch your admiration and adoration. Women like to be spoiled and they are flattered when a strip tease dancer approaches their party. It makes them feel special in a world where fantasy can go no further.

When hiring one or more strippers your event will turn into a memorable occasion.

A special time in Ireland is Mother’s day, this is when all the women gather to see the most famous male revues like The Chain Gang and The Hunks of Desire male strippers. Experience a magnificent show, remarkable dancers, fully choreographed and 100% clean fun. It will take your breath away and you’ll keep screaming, wanting for more.

So what is the best occasion to book a stripogram or a male stripper? I guess any time on a girls night out or a birthday party, most common being an 18th, 21st or why not a 60th ? A fireman or police officer can bring that dose of energy to spice up the evening making it such fun. Another good reason would be a hen night, why should only men be allowed go on a stag party to a lap dancing club before getting married?

Now you sit down and relax. Your friends just booked you a nice surprise !